The Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Bloemfontein is passionate about people and passionate about making a difference.  When you combine these two passions and add the right laser technology and knowledge, you get a clinic that cares about you and wants to give you the best results.  We aim to create the difference that will make your life smoother with our services.  The difference is more confidence and an easier lifestyle without worrying about unnecessary and irritating hair.
We are very excited to add a “different difference” to our clinic; we call it our “Hupstoot” campaign.  It is all about giving back to the community in a fun way.  Please stay tuned to our page on facebook to see the

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Hormones can affect . Hair growth or hair loss is stimulated by the hormones in our body and hormones (to name only one of a few things) are there to make sure our body functions the way it should. With life as fast paste and stressed out as it is (with fast food patterns and even just normal food that is packed with all kind of preservatives that we consume on a day to day basis) our lifestyles forces our bodies to over produce or under produce hormones to help us cope with a life that our

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