Laser hair removal will definitely help certain sport types.  Most of you know that laser hair removal takes away hair in the long term so that you don’t have to struggle with everyday shaving, painful waxing and other short term methods.  With this short term methods the hair usually grows back so quick that the struggle starts all over again before you can blink your eyes.  For certain sportsmen /women this can be very frustrating especially for those who have thick hair that grows fast and they usually end up with very uncomfortable “hairy situations”.

Types of sport that sportsmen can benefit from laser hair removal to name only a few:


Although swimmers (especially the ladies) have it easier these days with the swimsuits that cover most uncomfortable areas, swimmers can still benefit from laser hair removal.  They are constantly in the water and having to maintain hair is the last thing they want to worry about.  Laser hair removal is all about being as smooth as possible without people ever having to know you even have hair in the areas that you lasered.  What is nice about our technology in Bloemfontein is that you don’t have to grow the hair out for laser sessions and are allowed to shave in-between to keep the hair well  maintained until the treatments is not necessary  anymore.


Cyclers that are serious about their cycling and that ride far knows how tender certain areas can get because of the long hours of riding.  If you struggle with hair on this area as well it usually just becomes a frustration for most cyclers.  Lots of cyclers just laser it away to help them focus more on their riding and less about shaving, waxing, itchiness and unwanted hair issues.

Body builders

Body builders need to be as smooth as possible for their competitions and in their tiny outfits it sometimes can become difficult.  Some even just have a few sessions to make the hair more manageable and softer.


There is enough pressure on the models of today to be as beautiful as possible and hair really doesn’t have to add more pressure.  With laser hair removal models can get away with always smooth underarms, bikini lines, legs, toes, arms, face or any area of the body.

If you are wondering about the costs of laser hair removal and whether it will work for you please and we will gladly help!