There is no health risks connected to laser hair removal and it cannot cause cancer or sickness, but any laser is dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. Training, experience, skill and knowledge of the operator are essential and it is important to make sure your laser hair removal therapist knows what she is doing.  At the we place high value on this and have a highly trained therapist that specializes in laser hair removal, who wants to give optimum results and minimum discomfort.

Are there any disadvantages of laser hair removal?

You have to come for a few treatments to make the treatment successful, so it’s not just one treatment and then it is done, but we have awesome results from session one which make the effort worthwhile and highly satisfying in the long run is also not effective on blond, grey or red pigment, but if the hair has pigment in we can get results. 

We have had clients who struggled with red pigmented facial hair with a little bit brown in as well and did get great results in the end. It took more sessions than usual but it was worth the effort not to have to worry about the facial hair anymore.  Then like we mentioned laser treatments can be dangerous in the wrong hands and there is a risk of scarring when the therapist does not have the needed knowledge and experience.  You must feel comfortable with your therapist and it is your right to ask questions to make sure you are in good hands.  Never assume anything, if you don’t feel comfortable, rather find someone you feel can treat you with care and knowledge to get the desired results.

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