Hormones can affect . Hair growth or hair loss is stimulated by the hormones in our body and hormones (to name only one of a few things) are there to make sure our body functions the way it should. With life as fast paste and stressed out as it is (with fast food patterns and even just normal food that is packed with all kind of preservatives that we consume on a day to day basis) our lifestyles forces our bodies to over produce or under produce hormones to help us cope with a life that our bodies were not actually made to live in. Personally I feel that we were made to live a much more relaxed lifestyle driven by love and not all kinds of other factors. I believe our own society and norms these days have lead our bodies to abnormal levels of functioning, which we were not made to cope with in the first place. On the surface this is also why I believe all kinds of weird diseases are becoming more and more common.

How do hormones influence laser hair removal?
When you get laser hair removal treatments together with your hormones stimulating hair growth on an abnormal level, in my experience the amount of sessions will be more. It is best to make sure your hormones are stable while starting laser hair removal treatments. Even if your hormones were unstable and you dealt with it, you will still need laser hair removal to get rid of the hairs that were stimulated on “abnormal” places. Let’s make an example to give you a better idea. Just like people who want to lose weight and exercise very hard to achieve their goals, the moment when they eat something sweet they need to work twice as hard the next time to lose the extra kilojoules again. Just like this you will need more laser sessions if your hormones stimulates hair growth abnormally. If this happens when you are done with laser hair removal some of the hair might come back (usually just here and there). You are then more than welcome to come in for a R2 per shot touch up laser treatment just to get the few hairs under control again.

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