maxresdefaultRThe Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Bloemfontein is passionate about people and passionate about making a difference.  When you combine these two passions and add the right laser technology and knowledge, you get a clinic that cares about you and wants to give you the best results.  We aim to create the difference that will make your life smoother with our services.  The difference is more confidence and an easier lifestyle without worrying about unnecessary and irritating hair.
We are very excited to add a “different difference” to our clinic; we call it our “Hupstoot” campaign.  It is all about giving back to the community in a fun way.  Please stay tuned to our page on facebook to see the exciting stuff developing right here in Bloemfontein!!

When is the best time to start with laser hair removal?
The best time to start with laser hair removal is in the winter months when your skin is not exposed to the sun.  The sun activates melanin in your skin and this makes your skin darker.  The higher we can put your settings the better and the more effective the results, thus the less sun exposure the better.
Can all skin types be treated?
Our laser can treat all skin types and our therapist knows how to treat all skin types - which is equally important.  If you put the right laser in the hands of someone with little experience it can be dangerous.  
Which areas can be lasered?
All areas on the body can be treated as long as the hair has pigment in.  Pigment is the absorption base of the laser light that destroys the follicle’s (that produces the hair) ability to make a new hair.  There is no laser that can treat blond or grey hair yet, some red hair that has brown pigment in can be affected. (We have had good results at our clinic in Bloemfontein with these types of problem areas).  It is always best not to decide for yourself but rather come in for a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate.
If you are interested to do laser hair removal please contact us, we want to help you get all your questions answered and will be happy to start with one of the best investments in yourself.
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