There is no health risks connected to laser hair removal and it cannot cause cancer or sickness, but any laser is dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. Training, experience, skill and knowledge of the operator are essential and it is important to make sure your laser hair removal therapist knows what she is doing.  At the we place high value on this and have a highly trained therapist that specializes in laser hair removal, who wants to give optimum results and minimum discomfort.

Are there any disadvantages of laser hair removal?

You have to come for a few treatments to make the treatment successful, so it’s not just one treatment and then it is done, but we have awesome results from session one which make the effort

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There are lots of options you can consider when trying to remove unwanted hair.  Temporary hair removal includes shaving, waxing, sugaring, threading and using depilatory creams, where and electrolysis are considered permanent methods.

Temporary hair removal methods.


Shaving is the fastest and the cheapest way to remove hair. Unfortunately most people tend to get ingrown hair from shaving, especially if they have to shave a lot and the hair is thick.  Most people also

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