lhr SKIN

Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Bloemfontein specializes in removing unwanted body hair on a long term basis.  We provide expert laser hair removal treatments in a friendly and professional environment. Our technology is used & recommended by dermatologists world-wide.

Our trained and qualified laser specialist are able to tailor treatments to your individual skin and hair type.  We treat all body areas and skin types on both men and women and perform our affordable laser hair removal treatments and procedures in a clean and safe environment, fully compliant with health care regulations.

Unwanted or excessive hair can be removed on all areas, for example the upper lip, face, bikini, nipples, back, chest and legs to name only a few.  This enables you to enjoy a better quality of life as it is time consuming and irritating to use the conventional, temporary methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, waxing and hair removal creams.

The most effective way to remove hair on a long term basis will be with laser technology (such as the laser that we use at our practise), which is not the same as IPL technology.

BE WARNED: Using the wrong technology will result in ineffective treatments.

Please contact the laser specialist Marlien to provide you with her expertise regarding the difference and exactly how each method works.