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What is hupstoot?

You get to meet new people WHILE giving back to society. Stand a chance to win amazing prizes from local companies. (If there are people who believe in this campaign and have something to give as a price to help raise awareness, please make contact with us.)

How will it work?

Anyone (individuals, businesses or even churches) can nominate NICE and REAL “marriage material” guys over 26

The people who nominate the guy can nominate him with a cause they want him to help raise money for.

The guy will be briefly introduced to the public via our Facebook page and each girl who potentially likes him needs to pay R100 to be able to meet him. The proceeds will go for the cause.

Each girl will get to meet the nominated guy – The guy gets to either take someone on a date or pass her on to meet some of his friends/acquaintances (IF he knows someone and think there's potential.)

The meeting will take place at a venue disclosed in Bloemfontein where he will meet each girl on a speed dating basis.


If you know DATABLE guys older than 26 who are willing to do this for a good cause, please convince him to do this and nominate him. He must be open to possible meeting
someone he likes through this process.

Nominate someone:

If you have a cause that needs awareness and a financial “hupstoot”.

If you know a “marriage material guy” who is willing to do this for charity and open to meet someone with dating potential.

Complete our online form to nominate someone.

I want to meet a candidate

The good news is each girl will meet the nominated guy because the money goes for charity.

What will happen at the date?

You will get 15 min to meet each other. If he is interested we will give him your nr afterwards if you agree. If not we will tell him you are not interested. We will also give the option to allow him to recommend a friend for you if he feels he knows someone that will suit you better. IF THIS HAPPENS he will also contact you. You obviously have the option to decline.

We want to create n network where single people are introduced to more single people, that is why we incorporated the “referral of a friend”.

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