For many of us, hair removal is a part of everyday life. Whether you choose shaving or waxing, plucking or hair removal cream, the options can be messy, ineffective, time consuming and just plain irritating.

At the Laser Hair Removal Clinic, we can change that. SO many women and men have the same “unwanted hair struggles” as you and our team are EAGER to get away those embarrassing or unnecessary hairs. We have seen it all.

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We specialise in PAIN FREE hair removal by using world-class laser technology specifically designed for permanent hair reduction. We are proud to introduce the aesthetic winner, the ALMA SUPRANO ICE at our clinic as the first in the Freestate as well as the world's first effective laser hair removal system to be FDA approved as PAINLESS.

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We now offer the latest Thermolysis technology that is FDA approved to permanently destroy unwanted white, red, grey & stubborn hair that cannot be effectively treated with laser. Thermolysis can also target hair on tattoo areas & difficult areas such as eyebrows that laser treatment cannot effectively treat.

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Treatment of superficial skin conditions - Visible facial veins or capillaries, skin tags, angiomas, milia, keratosis, angiokeratomes, open pores or unwanted piercings.

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We know there is alot of clients who still wants to wax the areas not treated with laser or thermolysis, or those still deciding on permanent hair reduction methods. So this is for you! Our waxing specialist will focus on waxing your hair away.

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