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The Laser Hair Removal Clinic NOW offers FDA approved 100% permanent hair removal with our latest Thermolysis system that targets ANY hair colours! This treatment offers the most advanced technology to destroy hair without pigment, producing a virtually pain free and much faster treatment, than traditional electrolysis applications. This is the best option for stubborn hair as well as the white, red and grey hair and other difficult areas such as eyebrows that lasers cannot target effectively.

Thermolysis Treatment Benefits

Thermolysis is different to Laser Hair Removal in that a probe is directly inserted into the hair follicle, to target and prevent the follicle from producing a new hair. Unlike laser technology, Thermolysis can treat BLOND, GREY AND RED hair. Our Thermolysis device offers powerful circuits and stable currents that make it capable of pinpoint precision capabilities and optimal settings, designed to deliver the ultimate result. This technology is efficient, very comfortable and safe for everyone! The treatment is performed so rapidly that the sensation is barely perceptible. Just a few thousandths of a second suffice to eliminate the hair!

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How does it feel like/does it hurt?

The Laser Hair Removal Clinic uses the latest Thermolysis technology which clients find much more comfortable than electrolysis technology or epilators on the market. Each follicle is treated using a faster and more sophisticated treatment technique and flash Thermolysis technology, which can be felt through a short, sharp yet virtually pain-free sensation. Some areas will be more sensitive than others. The treatment of each follicle is much faster with Thermolysis than galvanic electrolysis and this is what makes it virtually painless. The treatment is so fast that the body doesn’t have time to register any pain. Many clients even fall asleep during long treatments.

How is Thermolysis different from Laser/IPL


The Laser Hair Removal Clinic offers Laser Hair removal as opposed to an IPL. Intense pulsed light, (IPL), usually requires substantially more sessions and is usually not safe to use on all skin types.

The Laser Hair Removal Clinic makes use of the world’s gold standard diode laser which offers an efficient treatment, suitable for all skin types, and is ideal for covering large and small areas with pigment in. Blonde, red and grey hair cannot be successfully treated with Laser, because pigment acts as a target for the Laser’s energy. Without pigment, the Laser will not yield the best result.

For these stubborn and light hairs - Thermolysis is the ideal option. Laser also cannot treat hair on a tattoo areas, where Thermolysis is able to treat those areas. Thermolysis also works better than laser on more technical areas such as eyebrows.

The procedure uses a probe to deliver energy directly to each individual follicle and hair, thereby not relying on pigment within the hair. This allows for Thermolysis to successfully treat all types of hair, including blonde, red or grey hairs.

At the Laser Hair Removal Clinic, a combination of both Laser and Thermolysis applications can be used. Our LHR specialist will decide what will be the right treatment option for every individual, to get the most effective permanent hair removal results. This will be discussed during your first consultation and will be analysed during the treatments as individual’s results are different (based on things like their own hair colour, thickness and hair growth cycle).

If you have dark hair, you will probably start your permanent hair removal program with Laser Hair Removal, and then most likely move on to Thermolysis to remove the odd grey or stubborn hair, to achieve the ultimate result. Or, if you are someone with only light hair, we will embark on our cutting-edge Thermolysis program to get you hair free.


Which areas can be treated?


All areas of the body can be treated using Thermolysis. The hair must be visible to be able to treat and remove it. Medical clearance from your GP is required to treat hairs that grow from moles. One can treat facial areas such are monobrow, upper lip, chin, sideburns, ears and nose. One can even have their eyebrows permanently shaped.

Other popular areas are fingers, toes, underarms and bikini/mankini. We recommend that if your hair is dark, you should laser, especially larger areas such as legs, arms, backs and chest. Then after a course of laser treatments, if there are any stray hairs or non-pigmented hairs left, one can have a few Thermolysis sessions to destroy those completely.

Clients who suffer from unwanted non-pigmented hair or blonde, ginger, grey or white hair would need to have Thermolysis treatments from the start as Laser treatments are only effective if the hair is dark.

Thermolysis can also go over tattoo areas to get rid of that unwanted hair, where a laser cannot cover those areas. If you have been lasered previously with a patch of unwanted hair on a tattoo area, we can get rid of it at our clinic.


How many treatments will I need?

This depends on many factors; for example, whether the hair is hormonal, if it has previously been waxed or plucked, and the area of the body that requires treatment. Hair grows at different rates all over the body. Hair on the head will grow for a period of up to 3 years before falling out yet hair on our legs may only last 12 weeks. This means it may take 12 weeks for all the hairs on the legs to show before they can be treated – we can only treat the hairs we can see. Some hairs may require several treatments.

Generally, under normal circumstances, you can expect to be hair free in treated areas after 12-18 months assuming that the suggested treatment program has been followed.

Are there any known side effects?

Unlike with other treatments, there are no known side effects. The client suffers no bruising, scarring or similar and there is no downtime – many people go back to work or shopping immediately after treatment. In addition, there is no requirement to avoid sunlight, as with other treatments, although we do recommend sun protection as general skin care advice. This treatment doesn’t burn and is very accurate, most clients feel a little pinching sensation which we are informed is easily bared

What if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended for pregnant women to receive Thermolysis treatments during the first 3 months of pregnancy. This is to keep stress to a minimum during this higher-risk period. Thermolysis is completely safe for pregnant women as the treatment is delivered through heat not electrical current.

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